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The Universe Explained: Guaranteed 99% Math Free



This book is available in a digital format only.


The Star’s Oakland Ross wanted to understand how the universe works. But there was a slight problem: like many people, he was allergic to math. He decided to grapple with the cosmos anyway, reading many daunting books and spending hours on the phone with theoretical physicists. His six-part primer on the current state of the universe first ran in the Toronto Star, and now it’s available as the Star Dispatches ebook The Universe Explained: Guaranteed 99% Math Free. It's a witty, fun ramble through concepts such as relativity, gravity, space-time and other crazy stuff. Well, more fun that if were chockablock with math.


Oakland Ross is a feature writer for the Toronto Star. His previous Star Dispatches ebooks include Cuba Libre and  ACE: How Tennis Star Milos Raonic Served His Way to the Top. The winner of two National Newspaper Awards, Ross has also written four books, including a collection of short stories, a travel memoir, and two novels, the second of which was published in April 2013 by HarperCollins Canada. It’s called The Empire of Yearning.



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