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The Quiet Evolution



On Oct. 15, 2012, Ontario’s 24th premier, Dalton James Patrick McGuinty Jr., stunned political friends and foes alike with the announcement he was resigning. Mired in accumulating scandal within the government and bogged down in labour strife with teachers, he abruptly decided it was time to return to life with his family.

After 22 years as a politician, 16 as party leader and almost a decade as premier, what will be McGuinty’s legacy?  Toronto Star feature writer Jim Coyle looks back at the man he calls an “accidental premier, a man seemingly without natural attributes for politics, but the squeaky-clean owner of an otherworldly self-discipline.” In The Quiet Evolution, Coyle chronicles one of the most unlikely success stories in Ontario’s political history.



Jim Coyle spent 12 years as a reporter for The Canadian Press and was for seven years provincial affairs columnist at the Ontario Legislature for the Ottawa Citizen before joining the Toronto Star in 1997. Over his career, Coyle has had four tours through the Queen’s Park Press Gallery, as well as working as a reporter on Parliament Hill. He has filed from every province and territory in Canada, covered papal and royal tours, judicial inquiries, Grey Cups, the Calgary Olympics and more elections and leadership conventions than he cares to recall. Coyle and his wife, Toronto Star reporter Andrea Gordon, have four sons.


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