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The 9th of November Gale



This book is available in a digital format only. 

A century ago, one of the deadliest storms to hit the Great Lakes sank 10 freighters and tossed several others ashore, killing at least 250 people. Now, veteran Star journalist John Spears recreates the "white hurricane" of blinding snow and wind in his  new ebook, The 9th of November Gale: Death on the Great Lakes in 1913. A gripping account based on contemporary accounts, the subsequent inquest and recent books and research, Spears' book explores the human factor in the disaster — from weather forecasters' apparent indifference to captains' bravado to economic pressures to move cargo. The 9th of November Gale is also a moving tribute to the dead and bereaved, whose memory lingers still.



John Spears has been a reporter at the Toronto Star since 1977, including stints as bureau chief in Halifax and at Toronto city hall. He is currently a business reporter. He first heard about the ninth of November gale from his father, who grew up in Tobermory. He spends as much time as possible by Lake Huron, at the family cottage near Kincardine. 

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