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Teens Queens & Has-Beens


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The prom is getting almost as big as the wedding, with Canadian families spending just over $800 on average for their high schooler's big party, and with “promposals” — invitations to prospective dates – often rivalling propositions of marriage for grandiosity. In her new Star Dispatches ebook, Teens, Queens and Has-Beens: How the Prom is Becoming the New Wedding -- in High School and Ever After writer Rosemary Counter takes readers on a tour of the modern prom, both the one in the gym and the wild party for adults doing it all over again.


ROSEMARY COUNTER is a Toronto magazine writer and author of The Decadent Housewife: How to Live Lavishly on His Budget, a post-feminist manifestoon luxury and idleness that is nothing like her real life, she swears. Fearing commitment,Rosemary writes everything from travel and health stories to televisionand restaurant reviews. Her work has appeared in Elle, Maclean’s, Canadian Living, Reader’s Digest and Today’s Parent, among others. Rosemary has survived twohigh-school proms in this lifetime, so far. Visit her at www.rosemarycounter.com.



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