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This book is available in a digital format only. 

It’s difficult to overstate Superman’s impact, both in fiction and real life. First created in 1934 by Toronto-born Joe Shuster and Cleveland native Jerry Siegel, the original superhero burst into the public consciousness 75 years ago on the cover of Action Comics No. 1. He continues to awe and inspire with this year’s movie blockbuster Man of Steel. In Superman: Everyone Wants a Piece of His Legend, senior Star journalist Sandro Contenta chronicles the theft and recovery of actor Nicolas Cage’s copy of Action Comics No. 1, now worth more than $2 million. And he relates the epic, ongoing struggle for the rights to Superman between Shuster, Siegel and their descendants on one side and Warner Bros. on the other. Contenta’s ebook is a super read about a super phenomenon.


Sandro Contenta is a feature writer at the Toronto Star. He joined the paper in 1981 and spent nine years as a foreign correspondent, reporting from the Middle East and Europe. A former education beat reporter, Contenta is the author of the book Rituals of Failure: What Schools Really Teach. His previous Star Dispatches ebooks are Linda’s Story: An Investigation into the Mysterious World of Amnesia and Sex, Scandal and Secularism: Crisis in the Catholic Church. He has been nominated for four National Newspaper Awards. 

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