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  • Steve Russell's CN Tower

Steve Russell's CN Tower



From Toronto Star photographer Steve Russell: "Whenever it rains in the city Toronto Star photographers keep our eyes open for weather photos. I had just finished shooting a TTC assignment and when I returned to my car and noticed the pattern of rain drops on the windshield with a tree in the droplets. I grabbed a 100 mm macro lens and shot the drops on the wind and was happy with the result. But to make a good weather photo it helps if you place it. What better building in Toronto to say this photo was shot in Toronto than the CN Tower. I drove to the base of the CN Tower and parked.
The drive over cost me all the accumulated water drops to disappear and I had to wait for them to build up again. Weather kept challenging me, the rain slowed and clouds kept rolling past the tower hiding it for minutes at a time.I shot the image using a high ISO so that I could have as much depth of field as possible to keep the CN Tower and the rain drops both in focus.

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