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This book is available in a digital format only. 

Detractors dismiss it as utter folly. Yet roughly one-quarter of Canadians adults, and many more millions around the world, believe the changing position of celestial bodies affects their lives. In Star-struck: My Adventures in Astrology, feature writer Leslie Scrivener explores the practice, meeting the astrologers, getting her “chart” done and grappling with something that has no scientific backing but whose practitioners seem generous and humanistic.


Leslie Scrivener has written a Star Dispatches ebook about Canadian anthropologist Wade Davis, entitled On Ealue Lake: Wade Davis and the Battle for Todagin Mountain, and one about a cross-Canada railway journey, Train of Dreams. The author of a biography of Canada’s heroic Terry Fox, she is a feature writer at The Star. 

Star Dispatches ebooks provide readers with exceptional long-form journalism from the Toronto Star newsroom.



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