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On The Waterfront



For more than 220 years – since the early days of York, in fact – the city’s leaders and citizens have dreamed, planned and argued about the waterfront. For a long time, the results weren’t pretty: from industrial sprawl and the Gardiner Expressway to the more recent “condo curtain,” each generation seemed to leave the area in worse shape than the one before, divorcing the city from its own shoreline. Can a city notorious for bad planning – and sometimes no planning – rise above its history and finally create a vital and vibrant waterfront for a new century? Award-winning architectural and urban affairs commentator Christopher Hume turns his urbane and thoughtful mind to this question, telling an entertaining and eventful story of politics and possibilities.



Christopher Hume is the architecture critic and urban issues columnist of the Toronto Star. He won a National Newspaper Award in 2009 on his fifth NNA nomination. He has also received multiple awards and citations for architectural journalism and urban affairs criticism. His book, William James’ Toronto Views, won a Toronto Heritage Award in 2000. He appears frequently on radio and television as a commentator on city issues. Born in England in 1951, he came to Canada as a child. He was educated at the University of Toronto and Glendon College. Known as a champion of cities and the arts, Hume lives in downtown Toronto.


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