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Niagara's Wine Visionaries


A Flavourful History Of The Peninsula's Bounty


Author: Tiffany Mayer


The Niagara region has a unique culinary history and tradition. From its mild microclimate that supports the cultivation of tender fruits — peaches, cherries, and more — to its role as the birthplace of the Canadian wine industry and home to a new generation of trailblazing chefs and restaurateurs, the Niagara region boasts a food and wine heritage that rivals any in North America. Niagara food writer, advocate, and activist Tiffany Mayer provides a thoughtful look at the many elements of Niagara's culinary past and present, including the planting of the first orchards and vineyards, the rise and fall of the local canning industry, the artisans responsible for crafting the region's most beloved food products, and the Greenbelt Act, which protects more than a million acres of the area's most precious agricultural land.


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Paperback: 160 pages

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