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Moments in Time



This book is available in a digital format only (PDF or ePub).


Picture-taking is part of  daily life: anyone can tweet, Instagram or post to Facebook. But for Toronto Star photographers, photography is a powerful medium to capture life itself: grief, jubilation, dejection, wonderment. Moments in Time: The Stories Behind the Toronto Star’s Great Photographs, 2013 gathers the best from more than half a million pictures taken by Star photographers in 2013, with each photographer’s candid story behind the image. From a quadriplegic man making the first ever BASE jump in a wheelchair to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford raging at the media to the comfy embrace of Canada’s first legally-wed gay couple, what sets these pictures apart? “Lighting, framing, mastery of the camera,” writes Star visuals editor Taras Slawnych “The ability to capture the perfect moment.”



Toronto Star Photographers:

Randy Risling

Dale Brazao

Lucas Oleniuk

Keith Beaty

David Cooper

Rick Madonik

Andrew Wallace

Steve Russell

Bernard Weil

Chris So

Carlos Osorio

René John

Colin McConnell

Tara Walton

Vince Talotta

Richard Lautens


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