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Linda's Story




In early September a woman known only as ‘Linda’ walked into a Toronto homeless shelter. She was well-dressed, without identification and completely lost to herself. Within weeks, police launched a continent-wide search to find out who she was. Toronto Star reporter Sandro Contenta stumbled onto Linda’s story in a small news entry, and embarked on a quest that would lead him deep into the science of memory and its loss. Linda’s Story is a fascinating investigation into the mysterious workings of the human brain.


Sandro Contenta is a feature writer at the Toronto Star. He joined the paper in 1981 and spent nine years as a foreign correspondent, reporting from the Middle East and Europe. He covered the second Palestinian intifada, as well as conflicts in Kosovo, Iraq and Lebanon and revolutions in Ukraine, Georgia, Tunisia and Egypt. A former education beat reporter, Contenta is the author of the book Rituals of Failure: What Schools Really Teach. His work has been nominated for four National Newspaper Awards.


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