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  • Historical Atlas Of The North American Railroad

Historical Atlas Of The North American Railroad


A bestselling historian returns with a visually sumptuous look at how the railway transformed North America.

The railroad changed the face of North America forever, allowing the its economy to become industrialized and catalyzing settlement and growth within the continent. People and goods could now move vast distances, time zones were standardized, and military use of the railroads transformed the nature of war.

This latest book in the popular Historical Atlas series outlines the development of the railway system from its very beginnings around 1830 through to today’s freight railroads and government passenger services. It features an unprecedented 400-plus contemporary and historical railroad maps, and 150 photographs, archival documents and railroadiana.

Here is a colourful, integrated approach to the origins and development of railroads—their heyday, decline and modern rebirth—in both the United States and Canada, for anyone who loves art books, history, maps or railroads.

“To say that historian and geographer Derek Hayes loves maps is an understatement… Hayes has reproduced some truly striking examples of cartography.” Spacing Magazine on Historical Atlas of Toronto

Paperback: 224 pages.

Price: $20.95 (HST Included)

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