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  • Headline Coffee, Single Order
  • Headline Coffee, Single Order

Headline Coffee, Single Order



Guatemalan Fedecocagua, March's Pick

Quantity: 340 g
Origin: San Marcos, Guatemala
Varietal: Typica 
Certifications: Fair Trade, organic
Roast Level: Medium
Processing: washed method, patio-dried in open air  
Elevation: 1,700 m above sea-level

    The mountainous Central American country of Guatemala produces some of the finest and most distinctive coffees in the world. The beans, handpicked from steep, volcanic slopes, are washed and patio-dried in open air. Those high altitudes and rich, volcanic-infused soil help create a smooth tasting blend with deep chocolate notes and faint hint of smokiness. The Guatemala Fedecocagua has a low to average acidity, and leaves a pleasant trace of vanilla in its after-taste.


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