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Every Object Has a Story



Every Object Has a Story

Extraordinary Canadians Celebrate the Royal Ontario Museum

For the past 99 years, the Royal Ontario Museum has introduced its visitors to objects from all corners of the globe. In celebration of the Museum’s centennial, twenty-one Canadian writers, painters, filmmakers — even an astronaut — share their personal connections with a unique object from the Museum’s collection in this extraordinary volume.

Read bestselling author and anthropologist Wade Davis’s insights about the Hudson Strait Kayak, the presence of the Shiva Nataraja in award-winning filmmaker Deepa Mehta’s household, or astronaut Chris Hadfield’s thoughts on a very rare type of meteorite, the largest of its kind ever found in Canada, and more.

The ROM, in partnership with The Walrus Foundation and House of Anansi Press, brings you an anthology of Canada’s finest writing. Combining curatorial expertise and intimate perspectives, this writing is complemented by stunning contemporary photography and striking documentary shots, emphasizing the personal experience within these natural and cultural masterpieces.

Full list of contributors:

Anita Rau Badami
Robert Bateman
Joseph Boyden
Wayson Choy
Austin Clarke
Wade Davis
Uzoma Esonwanne
Sheree Fitch
Charlotte Gray
Chris Hadfield
Lawrence Hill
Alex Hutchinson
Ross King
David Macfarlane
Joe MacInnis
Margaret MacMillan
Linden MacIntyre
Deepa Mehta

Guy Vanderhaeghe
Lynda Reeves
Aritha van Herk

Hardcover: 188 Pages

Price: $31.45 (GST Included)

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