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Crucible of Flames



Crucible of Flames: Canada's War of 1812

When the fledgling United States declared war, former president Thomas Jefferson famously boasted that “the conquest of Canada” would be “a mere matter of marching.”

It became instead a bitter, nasty affair pitting brother against brother, cousin against cousin, as British regulars joined with Canadian militia and Indians to fight off successive American invasions. Over the course of three years, roughly 35,000 people would perish in a struggle that ultimately gives both Canada and the United States their sense of national identity.

In this riveting account of the war’s first year, feature writers Kenneth Kidd and Jim Coyle re-create North American life 200 years ago and the battles that would turn Maj.-Gen. Isaac Brock into an icon of Canadian independence.



Kenneth Kidd, a National Newspaper and National Magazine Award winner, is currently a Toronto Star feature writer. He is a graduate of Trinity College, University of Toronto.

Jim Coyle spent 12 years as a reporter for The Canadian Press and was for seven years provincial affairs columnist at the Ontario Legislature for the Ottawa Citizen before joining the Toronto Star in 1997. Over his career, Coyle has had four tours through the Queen’s Park Press Gallery, as well as working as a reporter on Parliament Hill. He has filed from every province and territory in Canada, covered papal and royal tours, judicial inquiries, Grey Cups, the Calgary Olympics and more elections and leadership conventions than he cares to recall. Coyle and his wife, Toronto Star reporter Andrea Gordon, have four sons. 


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