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He was a tall, handsome farm boy from Mosa Township, southwest of London, Ont., who grew up in a baseball-loving family. Harry Devereaux Fisher’s formidable pitching arm and talent as a hitter took him to the Pittsburgh Pirates organization and its minor-league affiliates – and then to the Pirates proper for a spell in major-league baseball. As Lesley Krueger relates in her Star Dispatches eRead Contender: Triumph, Tragedy and Canadian Baseball Player Harry Fisher, his time at the game’s highest level was short, to be followed by another several years in the minors, including the Hollywood Stars. Was it personal misfortune that got in the way of Fisher’s success? And wasn’t it enough for him to have got as far as he did? Krueger weaves questions about the nature of success into this evocative chronicle. 
Lesley Krueger is a novelist, journalist and filmmaker. Her third novel, The Corner Garden, was released by Penguin Books in 2003 to widespread critical acclaim. She is the author of a travel book, two other novels and a collection of short stories, and has recently completed her fourth novel. Lesley co-produced the feature film Don’t Get Killed in Alaska, by writer/director Bill Taylor, now in post-production, while a short film she wrote, The Spirit Game, played at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival as part of the Not Short on Talent promotion. She is currently a writer-in-residence at the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto. Find more about her at



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