• Climate Change—My World. My Change.

Climate Change—My World. My Change.


Climate change is a significant issue facing our planet. This issue requires a great deal of education, and the classroom is an ideal place to start.

There are general misunderstandings about climate change that influence individual attitudes towards the need for action to limit emissions of greenhouse gasses. While weather and climate events since the turn of the century have left little doubt about the existence of climate change, there is still doubt about the link between human activities and climate change.

Students will explore the science to formulate hypotheses, weight evidence for themselves, and formulate conclusions. To bring the issue home, this resource encourages them to focus not only on the global effects, but also immediate effects on their own lives and those of their community.

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About the Writers:

Murray Shukyn (BA) is a graduate of the University of Toronto with professional teaching qualifications at the elementary and secondary levels, including special education. He has taught at the elementary, secondary, and university levels and developed training programs for adult learners. He is acknowledged as a Canadian leader in the field of alternative education. He was instrumental in the creation of such innovative programs for the Toronto Board of Education as SEED, Learnxs, Subway Academy, SOLE, and ACE. He coauthored numerous textbooks and magazine and periodical articles, as well as several books preparing adults for the GED test, including the “GED Test for Dummies”.

Achim Krull (BA, MAT) is a graduate of the University of Toronto, with specialist qualifications in history and geography. He has taught high-school, outdoor education, and adult education. He is the co-founder of SOLE, a TDSB alternative school. His writing credits with Murray Shukyn include books, newspaper and magazine articles, and a wide variety of learning materials, including video scripts, learning kits, textbooks, and the “GED Test for Dummies”. Achim currently teaches an academic upgrading program preparing young adults to enter an apprenticeship program.

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