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Chris Spence: How Plagiarism Caught Up with Toronto’s Top Educator



He was the darling of the media and his fellow educators – a brilliant, charismatic, caring educator who was thought to have brought positive change in his role as director of Canada’s largest school board. Then, just last week, Chris Spence was discovered to have plagiarized sections of an op ed piece he wrote for this newspaper. Shock and disappointment followed, as did further allegations of plagiarism. By Thursday, Spence had resigned. Despite the blanket coverage, it has been hard to find the heart of this story – how a man of his stature and accomplishment could fall into such a basic trap. In this exclusive, up-to-the minute read, Star reporter Louise Brown digs deep into the story to give Star Dispatches readers just that – a clear and compelling account of the fall of a major public figure.



Louise Brown has covered education for the Toronto Star on and off since Bill Davis was premier and has never stopped finding fascinating stories between kindergarten and grad school, from campus life to cool schools. She particularly loves writing about the demographic hurdles some groups of students face, from aboriginal students to Portuguese-Canadians and black teens with high dropout rates - and new ways schools are finding to tackle these issues. A married mother of two grown daughters, she won the Queen's Diamond Jubilee medal this year for hanging in this long and is fast becoming hooked on Twitter.


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