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  • Toronto Star ePaper Subscription

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Our award-winning journalists write about the things that impact the lives of all Canadians. Whether it’s politics, entertainment, business, or world issues; if you’re talking about it in class, chances are we’re writing about it.

Toronto Star ePaper Subscription:

Get 7-day access to the Star ePaper, a digital replica of the printed newspaper. What you see in the Star, is what you will see in your digital ePaper edition, but with some cool interactive features students are sure to enjoy.

With the Star ePaper you can:

- TRANSLATE stories into 17 different languages
- LISTEN to stories
- ACCESS previous issues up to 6 months
- SHARE stories via email and social media

This subscription allows up to 30 simultaneous users per account.

Use the Star ePaper as an educational resource in the classroom, plus enjoy access on the weekend as well!

Only $4.99* a month ($49.90 for school year)

Subscription Term: September 4, 2018 to June 30, 2019
Service: Monday to Friday with 7-day ePaper access

* Plus HST. You will be billed one payment of $49.90 plus HST, which covers your subscription for the entire school year. You will receive an email with instructions on accessing your ePaper subscription. All subscriptions end after June 30, 2019. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion. Toronto Star is committed to protecting your personal information. View our privacy policy at thestar.com/privacy. This special rate is available to elementary and secondary schools only.

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