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Ice Storm 2013


The Beauty, The Devastation, The Aftermath

Three days before Christmas a brutal, crippling weather system brought a torrent of freezing rain and frigid temperatures to Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick. Thick ice covered roads, hydro wires, and trees. 750,000 people in Toronto alone lost power. 40% of the power lines were affected. More than 20% of the tree canopy was destroyed. Air and rail traffic was suspended. Businesses closed. Life slowed.


Heroes emerged. Crews from Manitoba, Ontario, and Toronto Hydro worked tirelessly, shoulder-to-shoulder. Neighbour helped neighbour. From the cold came a thaw in the form of human spirit. Our worst storm in over two decades brought out the best in us.


The Toronto Star is proud to present Ice Storm 2013, a 120-page hardcover book with 130 colour photographs that chronicle the destructive power of the storm, and the resiliency of the human psyche. Culled from extensive Toronto Star coverage and reader submissions, this visually stunning collection is a fascinating historic record of the ice storm; its beauty, its devastation, and the aftermath.


Hardcover: 120 pages

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