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Inside the Museums



Toronto's Heritage Sites and their Most Prized Objects

Author: John Goddard

A portrait of William Lyon Mackenzie stares down at passengers from a mural on the wall of the Queen subway station, his face as round and orange as a wheel of cheese. He served as Toronto's first mayor, led the 1837 Rebellion of Upper Canada, and was grandfather to William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canada's tenth prime minister, whose own orange-pink face graces the Canadian $50 bill. Three blocks from the station, Mackenzie died in the upstairs bedroom of a house now open as a heritage museum, part of a network of historic homes and other buildings from early Toronto. Inside the Museums tells their stories. It tells how James Scott Howard lost his job as Toronto's first postmaster; why John George Howard, who deeded High Park to the city, was so anxious to be remembered; why Eliza Gibson risked her life to save a clock; and documents the unhappy father-son theme running through the history of Spadina House.
Price: $20.99 (GST included) 
210 pages - 50 black & white illustrations

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