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What Would Gwyneth and Kim Do: 25 Life Lessons From Celebrities



This book is available in a digital format only.


By carefully examining the lives of the famous, the Toronto Star’s infamous Star-gazing reporter, Malene Arpe, has ferreted out the secrets of success. Her startling findings make hard work seem so yesterday. Success – going by the experience of the successful -- involves giving your children embarrassing names, posting naked selfies on Instagram, having swear-word-laced public outbursts, selling your kidney stone on eBay, and/or peeing in a bucket. To name a few inspired strategies deconstructed in What Would Gwyneth and Kim Do: 25 Life Lessons From Celebrities. “I think it’s my responsibility to share what I’ve learned through my years of observing,” Arpe writes in the introduction to one of the most important, but accidentally irreverent and funny, ebooks to come along.


 MALENE ARPE writes the Stargazing pages and blogs for the Toronto Star. Her interests and hobbies include crushing on Game of Thrones, professional Schadenfreude, sci-fi and fantasy (good and bad), hilarious hair pieces, age-inappropriate celebrity crushes, messed-up starlets, hating Björk, good profanity, delicious post-apocalyptic dread, side-boobs, singing super-villains, Thor (both the
Avengers character and the actual god), baseball, David Beckham (except when he speaks), the timeless saga of the Brangelina, herring dishes, vampires and knitting tiny sweaters for her seven cats. That’s not true. Maybe. She blogs at


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