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  • What’s Next? Our Eternal Quest for Heaven

What’s Next? Our Eternal Quest for Heaven



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On July 22, 1989, John and Gwyn Nursall adopted a baby girl at a Calgary hospital. While growing up, their daughter, Kim, now a reporter at the Toronto Star, didn’t think much about her history. Then she began to explore her feelings, and two years ago, her biological father got in touch. In the candid, moving Star Dispatches ebook Wounded at Birth?: My Struggle to Understand the Meaning of My Adoption, Kim describes how the fact of her relinquishment as a baby caught up to her in young adulthood, and how she believes it made the trauma of her parents’ divorce that much more profound. Wounded at Birth? is a powerful read for anyone trying to make sense of pain and loss.


Jim Coyle spent 12 years as a reporter for The Canadian Press in Toronto and on Parliament Hill, and for seven years was provincial affairs columnist at the Ontario legislature for the Ottawa Citizen before joining the Toronto Star in 1997. Over his career, Coyle has filed from every province and territory in Canada and has covered papal and royal tours, judicial inquiries, Grey Cups, the Calgary Olympics and more elections and leadership conventions than he cares to recall. He has written two Star Dispatches ebooks, The Quiet Evolution: How Dalton McGuinty Changed Ontario and Why He Resigned, and Madam Premier: Kathleen Wynne’s First 100 Days. Coyle and his wife, Toronto Star reporter Andrea Gordon, have four sons.



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