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Spring 1914



This book is available in a digital format only.


When spring arrived on March 21, 1914, just 139 days before the first battle of World War I, no one knew that the turn of the seasons would bring catastrophe. The signposts to Armageddon have been debated by historians ever since. Europe was divided into two armed and hostile camps at the time, but most people were oblivious to the possible consequences. In Spring 1914, the second ebook in a Star Dispatches series on World War I, Hamida Ghafour provides an in-depth look at the schisms and missteps that would lead to disaster. It is essential reading for anyone hoping to understand the Great War.


Hamida Ghafour writes on foreign affairs for the Toronto Star. She is author of The Sleeping Buddha: The Story of Afghanistan Through The Eyes of One Family, which was published in five countries and translated into two languages. She has been a reporter in the Middle East, South Asia and Europe and specializes in the impact of conflict in the Islamic world on its civilians. Hamida has a personal interest in how wars shape and affect nations and their people. Her family fled the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1981. She grew up in Toronto and currently lives in The Netherlands.



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