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  • Our Longest War

Our Longest War



This book is available in a digital format only.


Right or wrong, victorious or defeated? Twelve years after Canada went to war in Afghanistan in the wake of 9/11, it's time to reckon with the now-over mission. A new Star Dispatches ebook, Our Longest War: The Story of Canada’s 12 years in Afghanistan Told by Toronto Star Staff Journalists and Contributors, includes 12 probing essays by Toronto Star journalists and contributors examining the conflict year by year, theme by theme, tragedy by tragedy.  Have the war’s staggering costs — 162 Canadian deaths, countless injuries, the $14 billion bill  — helped Afghanistan and made the world more secure?  Or was it all for naught? Our Longest War is an essential guide for grappling with those tough questions.


Toronto Star Staff Journalists and Contributors:

Kevin Donovan

Rosie DiManno

Olivia Ward

Allan Woods

Bruce Campion-Smith

Mary Ormsby

Jim Rankin

Paul Hunter

Mitch Potter

Hamida Ghafour

Jayme Poisson

Paul Watson

Kathleen Kenna

Paul Watson


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