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OMG! Justin!




He is the biggest pop star on the planet right now, a sweet-faced Canadian teen heartthrob with multi-platinum albums – and legions of hysterically screaming fans. What is it about Justin Bieber that attracts such devotion? Is he a flash in the pan or the real deal? Can he make the treacherous transition from teen idol to adult performer?

Toronto Star feature writer Shawna Richer followed the Believe tour to 11 cities across North America, to help answer these questions. She shared line-ups and concert details with the Beliebers, going deep inside their world, and what she found was surprising, inspiring and uplifting in all the ways music itself is meant to be.

 Rollicking and insightful, OMG!JUSTIN! is a fascinating exploration of stardom in the 21st century.



Shawna Richer is a feature writer at the Toronto Star, and the former digital editor, with a special interest in sports, music and popular culture. She is the author of The Kid: A Season With Sidney Crosby and the New NHL, published by McClelland & Stewart and Triumph. She has more than 15,500 songs in her iTunes library: three by Andy Gibb; 56 by Justin Bieber; 1,056 by Bruce Springsteen; and 1,194 by John Mayer. She lives in Toronto.

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