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  • Not Fair

Not Fair



This book is available in a digital format only.


Ken Gallinger, a former minister with The United Church of Canada who writes the Toronto Star’s “Ethically Speaking” column, believes ethics is not a science but an art. In his new Star Dispatches ebook, Not Fair! A Weeek of Ethical Dilemmas, Gallinger applies that art to family relationships, sex, the unfairness of life, pet ownership and numerous other areas. Throughout, he is funny, clear-headed and provocative.


 Ken Gallinger was a minister in the United Church of Canada for 42 years, before withdrawing in 2012. He was twice nominated for the position of moderator (national leader) of the United Church, and served a term as president of Toronto Conference. He co-hosted Spirit Connection, a weekly newsmagazine on Vision TV, for seven seasons. He has contributed extensively to The United Church Observer as well as other magazines and periodicals, and has written “Ethically Speaking” in the Toronto Star since 2006. For a decade, he directed the Liturgically Hip, a touring choir of 40 teenagers. Ken has degrees in psychology and theology from three Ontario universities. He and Nancy, his life-partner since Noah landed the ark, live back in the bush north of Parry Sound; their nearest neighbour is a moose.

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