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Movies I Can’t Live Without




As someone who's been obsessed with movies his whole life and has been reviewing them for the Toronto Star for nearly 20 years, Peter Howell has strong opinions about cinema. His new ebook, Movies I Can't Live Without, looks at 25 films that are dear to his heart. They may not all be the best movies ever made or the most popular, but for Howell they are essential, and he urges you to watch them, too.


 Peter Howell has been movie critic for the Toronto Star since 1996. He sees hundreds of movies each year and attends the Toronto, Cannes and Sundance film festivals. He is a close observer of Canadian film, and in 2012 was a jury member of Canada's Top Ten panel organized by the Toronto International Film Festival. Howell was one of the first journalists in North America to begin a regular Internet column, which debuted in 1995 when he was the Star’s rock critic. He is a founding member of the Toronto Film Critics Association and a member of the Los Angeles-based Broadcast Film Critics Association, which awards the annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards, considered the most reliable precursor to the Oscars

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