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Leslie's Stamps



This book is available in a digital format only. 

He had an idyllic childhood in a small Hungarian town where, it seemed, there was no animosity between the Christian majority and Jews like him. But with the rise of Hitler and the Nazis, everything changed for Leslie Meisels, who ended up in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp with his family. Through his wartime ordeals, Leslie carried his stamp collection, started when he was 8, in the lining of his jacket. In Leslie’s Stamps: A Saga of the Holocaust and Escape to Freedom, award-winning Toronto Star columnist Catherine Porter tells the story of Leslie’s dramatic life through his stamps. It is a tale of love, courage and the power of the human spirit.


Catherine Porter is a columnist at the Toronto Star. She has won two National Newspaper Awards and a Queen’s Jubilee Medal. She was raised on stories of the Hungarian Revolution — her mother and grandmother were both 56ers, escaping to New Zealand before settling in Canada. Porter recently began a year-long leave from the newspaper, moving to Senegal with her husband and two small children. When not swimming and eating mangoes, she will be writing a book on Lovely’s Haiti.

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