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Housebroken: A Brief, Bemused History of Canada’s Senate



This book is available in a digital format only.


Almost from Canada’s beginnings, the Senate and its shortcomings have been topics  of national conversation. Yet against all odds, the House of Taskless Thanks abides, in much the same form as it was established. In his new ebook, Housebroken: A Brief, Bemused History of Canada’s Senate, Toronto Star journalist Jim Coyle relates the sorry saga of a political institution that, over 147 years, has co-opted many of its fiercest critics – including past avowed Senate reformer Prime Minister Stephen Harper. With the spending scandal still in the news, Coyle chronicles the many failed attempts to change the Senate and explains why the Red Chamber will likely continue to make Canadians see red for some time to come.


Jim Coyle spent 12 years as a reporter for The Canadian Press in Toronto and on Parliament Hill, and for seven years was provincial affairs columnist at the Ontario legislature for the Ottawa Citizen before joining the Toronto Star in 1997. Over his career, Coyle has filed from every province and territory in Canada and has covered papal and royal tours, judicial inquiries, Grey Cups, the Calgary Olympics and more elections and leadership conventions than he cares to recall. He has written three earlier Star Dispatches ebooks, The Quiet Evolution: How Dalton McGuinty Changed Ontario — and Why He Resigned, Madam Premier: Kathleen Wynne’s First 100 Days and Hell and Back: Alcoholism, Addiction and the Lessons They Taught Me. Coyle and his wife, Toronto Star reporter Andrea Gordon, have four sons.


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