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Heart in Darkness: The Genetic Defect That Could Kill Me



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At 39, Russell Cobb may have a time bomb ticking away in his chest. For two generations, all the men in his family have developed heart disease in the prime of life -- his father and grandfather both died before the age of 50. In his Star Dispatches ebook, Heart in Darkness: The Genetic Defect that Could Kill Me, Cobb chronicles his journey to understand the family “curse” and discover whether he, too, is at risk of developing familial dilated cardiomyopathy. Along the way, he conjures up larger-than-life family members who lived and drank hard, or sought help in Pentecostal religion and faith healing, or both. Funny and poignant, Heart in Darkness is a revealing description of what it’s like to live with uncertainty.


Russell Cobb is an author and academic whose work has ranged from studies of American Pentecostalism to Mexican cookbooks. His work has been featured by Slate, NPR, The Nation and Eighteen Bridges. He is an assistant professor of Spanish and Latin American literature at the University of Alberta and will be releasing a book about authenticity in the era of globalization this spring. He grew up in Oklahoma and spent his 20s in places as diverse as Buenos Aires, Paris and Mississippi. He now lives in Edmonton with his wife and son. 



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