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  • Go Fun! Big Book of Crosswords For Kids

Go Fun! Big Book of Crosswords For Kids


Age Range: 7-12

Use clues and your own knowledge to solve nearly 200 word puzzles in the Go Fun! Big Book of Crosswords.
Do you know what jeans are made out of?  How about another word for crazy? Each word puzzle gives you clues to figure out answers to questions like these and more. Here are some of the brainteasers you'll get to try:

  • Crosswords help you think of synonyms and antonyms 
  • Picture word puzzles give you visual clues
  • Code cracker puzzles let you use your number sense to help you solve word problems

Enhance your language and problem-solving skills in this ultimate book of word puzzles!

Price: $13.50 (GST included)  

Paperback: 96 pages

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