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Heart Health for Canadians: The Definitive Guide

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Author: Beth Abramson

Every seven minutes in Canada, someone dies from heart disease or stroke. When we think of the typical heart patient, we imagine an older, grey-haired, overstressed man, but the face of heart disease has changed. Heart disease and stroke are now equal-opportunity killers. Despite the fact that heart disease kills more Canadian women each year than all forms of cancer combined, it’s not a problem that’s widely talked about. Dr. Beth Abramson is passionate about changing this by providing Canadian families with the knowledge to prevent, recognize and recover from heart disease. As a respected cardiologist and a national spokesperson for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Dr. Abramson has spoken to doctors, patients and people across the country about the realities of heart health. Some of what she has to say is quite surprising, like the fact that there’s no real physical difference between a woman’s heart attack and a man’s, just a psychological difference in how we view them.

Heart Health for Canadians is the definitive book on heart disease for the thousands of Canadian women and men who are diagnosed each year. It takes a full-spectrum approach to heart disease, covering prevention, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, recovery, new research and alternative therapies. It educates Canadians on how to be better advocates for themselves and for their loved ones by offering support and guidance through our complicated healthcare system. And it offers more complete information on women’s heart health. You never want a family member to be diagnosed with heart disease; but if it happens, you want Heart Health for Canadians by your side.

Published in co-operation with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.


Price: $28.34 (GST included) 
Paperback: 328 pages