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Vanishing Man: In Search of My Grandfather, the Dogsledding Fur Trader


As a boy growing up in southern Ontario,Oakland Ross had little knowledge of his paternal grandfather. Eventually, he learned that William Oliver Kennedy Ross was among the last of Canada’s independent fur traders, toughened adventurers who beat their way by dogsled through the wilds of Quebec and Labrador, surviving on bravery,luck and wit. In Vanishing Man: In Search of My Grandfather, the Dogsledding Fur Trader, Oakland Ross, a veteran Toronto Star journalist, retraces the route of the turbulent, 1909 trek chronicled by W.O.K. Ross in a diary. And he searches for clues to the character of his mysterious ancestor.



Oakland Ross is a foreign affairs reporter for the Toronto Star. He has written four other Star Dispatches ebooks: Cuba Libre; Ace: How Tennis Star Milos Raonic Served His Way to the Top; Niagara Falls: Seeing Canada through a Window of Water; and The Universe Explained. The winner of two National Newspaper Awards, he has written four books, including a collection of short stories, a travel
memoir and two novels, the second of which was published in 2013 by HarperCollins Canada. It’s called The Empire of Yearning.


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