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The Human Shield: Why Resilience Is the Hottest Thing in Mental Health


This book is available in a digital format only. 


Mental health experts are increasingly convinced that resilience -- the ability to roll with however many punches life serves up -- is one of the keys to well-being. Some people are born with that quality, while others faced with adversity can slip into mental illness or destructive and self-destructive behaviour. But as Nora Underwood points out in her new Star Dispatches ebook, The Human Shield: Why Resilience Is the Hottest Thing in Mental Health, researchers and clinicians now realize that resilience can be taught. She explores programs across Canada for soldiers, police officers and schoolchildren to help them weather difficulties in their work and their lives and emerge as stronger, more resilient people. 

Nora Underwood is a Toronto-based freelance writer whose main areas of interest are related to health, science and behaviour. She worked as an editor and writer for Maclean’s magazine for many years and as an editor at The Walrus. In between, Underwood has written for dozens of magazines and newspapers, including the Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail. In 2006, she won a National Magazine Award for a feature story on the teenage brain that appeared in The Walrus.



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