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RRSPs: The Ultimate Wealth Builder


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Author: Gordon Pape


For most Canadians, an RRSP is the only personal pension plan they will ever have. As employer-sponsored plans become increasingly rare outside the public sector, we must rely on our own savings and money management skills to ensure a comfortable lifestyle after retirement.

This comprehensive guide by bestselling financial author Gordon Pape provides the secrets to building a winning RRSP—everything from setting up the right kind of plan at the outset to proven strategies that will enable you to grow your RRSP over time to a value of several hundred thousand dollars. And all the while, you’ll be collecting sizeable tax refunds for every contribution you make.

This is a must-read book for everyone who cares about providing a comfortable future for themselves and their families. Inside you'll find information on

  • how to choose a plan that’s right for your needs
  • tips for selecting the best RRSP investments
  • the most common RRSP mistakes and how to avoid them
  • little-known RRSP strategies
  • how to build successful portfolios
  • deciding between an RRSP and a TFSA
  • when to use the Home Buyers’ Plan
  • transitioning to an RRIF

Gordon Pape is Canada's best-known financial author and the publisher of two investment newsletters: The Income Investor and The Internet Wealth Builder. He is the author/co-author of several national bestsellers, including Tax-Free Savings Accounts, Retirement's Harsh New Realities, Money Savvy Kids, and Sleep-Easy Investing. He has spoken at hundreds of seminars in Canada and the United States, is frequently quoted in the media, and is a popular guest on radio and television shows.

Price: $18.90 (GST included) 
256 pages